8,000 cancer survivors in Muskegon have the opportunity to reclaim their health through the Livestrong with the YMCA post-cancer survivor program. The YMCA of the USA partnered with the Livestrong foundation to develop an evidence based physical activity program for survivors. 

The Livestrong with the Muskegon YMCA program helps cancer survivors reclaim their health after treatment. This is the only program of its kind in Muskegon. New cohorts begin throughout each season, and graduates are able to join the alumni program.

Historically, cancer survivors have been told to “take it easy”. They are told to expect diminished capacity – to simply do less. But research shows that the more active survivors are, the better chance they have of preserving strength, improving their quality of life, and perhaps even preventing the recurrence of cancer.

The goal of Livestrong with the YMCA is to empower cancer survivors to reclaim their health after the devastating effects of cancer and cancer treatments. Each year more residents claim the label of cancer survivor, and we want to help each of them thrive.

TheLivestrong with the YMCA program strives to provide any survivor the evidence- based support and tools needed to regain physical and emotional strength. Per our agreement with the Livestrong Foundation, this program is offered to cancer survivors at no charge to ensure we do not add to the financial burden of survivors. Survivors enjoy camaraderie, support, and activity lifting their spirit, energy, and resolve.

Due to the popularity of the program, word of mouth has been incredibly effective. Our graduates join a funded alumni program which meets once a week year-round and profess to the continued and amazing benefits.

What an incredible experience Livestrong has been for me! I have formed lifelong friendships with women who have battled cancer, I have a support system that I can always count on, and I had a caring and encouraging coach who made exercising fun, got me moving again, and was mindful of my restrictions due to treatment and surgery. My life has been enriched by this program!”—Christy

Join us in our Day of Giving campaign for 1,000 donations of $20.21 by March 2, 2021 and Give Hope, Strength, Health, Inspiration, Faith and so much more to a Muskegon County cancer survivor.