No one wants to hear the devastating three words, ‘You’ve got cancer’. But for participants in the Muskegon YMCA Livestrong program, those words were the beginning of a beautiful journey. 

Each person’s cancer story has different twists and turns, but similar characteristics do emerge. Once a patient is released from treatment, they often feel a bit lost. Having been surrounded by care throughout treatment, this ‘cocoon of caring’ disappears and cancer survivors go home wondering what to do next.

Livestrong fills the gap. The program provides anyone currently in treatment or years after pronounced cured a place to belong, a place to share in each other’s joys and sorrows, a place to heal.

Many cancer survivors will talk of fatigue, balance issues, and lack of ambition. The 12 week program meets each individual where they are and guides them through exercises to help gain strength and mobility all surrounded by caring instructors and fellow survivors. 

After completing the class, the survivor joins the Livestrong alumni, all the graduates of all the classes who still look out for each other and meet to keep up their strength and activity.

Interested in joining a new class? Call our Director of Healthy Living, Kelli DeLong at 231.722.9622 x 205 to get started on your adventure to strength today.

How can you help?

  • Tell your friends and family – we want as many cancer survivors to feel the love as we can
  • Spread the word – share these posts on social media, Linkedin, Google Business and email
  • Become trained as a coach – would you like to help the survivors find physical, emotional, and mental strength? We could use you!
  • Find a site – we need a dedicated site to meet, preferably with a space for cardio work and a space for strength training; Can you help us?
  • Sponsor – join the Black Tie committee, donate an item to the silent auction, find a local corporate sponsor (or two); this program is offered free of charge to cancer survivors, they have enough to worry about with medical bills, getting healthy shouldn’t cost them anything