“I have twin boys who attend the Y Learning Center for preschool. As a social worker who is rather picky it was a challenge for me to find an affordable and safe place where I felt comfortable sending them after they had been home for the entire pandemic.  Finding the Y Learning Center has been such a blessing for our family in many different ways. One of my twins has a speech delay and I was nervous that they may not have the tools to give him what he needs to be successful. However, they have proven to me over and over again that their staff has the expertise, passion, and love to accommodate any and all of his needs. As a therapist that has worked in schools and with many children, and as a mom, I would recommend the Y Learning Center to any other family that is looking for an inclusive and diverse environment where their children can play, learn, and grow alongside grown-ups that really do care. Hearing a teacher tell your child that she missed him or having your little boy tell you over and over again “I like school Mommy” is priceless and an experience that I believe all children deserve.”