The Community Foundation, United Way of the Lakeshore, and local donors are sponsoring a Match Day! They’ve built a pool of match dollars ($85,000 and growing) which will be used to match gifts you give to qualifying nonprofits on Wednesday, June 3, 2020.
Match dollars will be awarded to each nonprofit proportionally, based on the amount raised compared to the total raised that day. Every gift will be matched at some level – help us maximize our match! Please note, this is not a one to one match.
Give online on Wednesday, June 3, at (link will be live on June 3 only). Choose Muskegon YMCA from the list and give with your credit card. Gifts of up to $1,000 per donor, per nonprofit, are eligible for the match!
For more details, visit Please help us spread the word, and mark your calendars to give on June 3!
Note: Giving online on June 3 is strongly encouraged. If giving online is not an option for you, you can send a check payable to the Muskegon YMCA to PO BOX 1667, Muskegon, MI 49443; Please date the check June 3, 2020 and send the check to us ASAP.  We must turn in all checks on June 3 to the Community Foundation, so we need to have those checks on hand prior to the date.