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Camp Pendalouan – Camp FAQ


Summer temperatures range from about 60 degrees at night to about 80 degrees by early afternoon. Programs are modified during adverse conditions. Sometimes we’ll even add another swim period if it’s really hot.

Parents will be notified in case of medical emergency and outside treatment.

We have daily chapels and nightly taps talks. Chapels focus on the core values of Respect, Honesty, Caring and Responsibility, our mission statement “…to put Judeo-Christian values into practice…” and our camp motto, “I’m Third”. Although we are chartered as a Christian organization, we are very inclusive and host a number of campers from different or no faiths.

Yes, please provide details and we will respond on an individual basis.

Our counselors are trained to watch for and prevent this, and to help campers through any problems. There are also supervisory staff who assist campers and staff. In some cases we call parents to alert them to the problem. However, we have found that letting parents talk to a homesick camper often makes things worse, so we rarely do that. We work with the camper to get him or her involved in activities, and usually after the next meal they learn to overcome their fears. If you think your child may get homesick, we urge you to schedule time away from home before coming to camp for the first time. Overnights or a weekend with relatives are good.

No, but all campers are tested and categorized by swimming ability. Swimming lessons are encouraged for those wanting to advance to a higher level.

During free swim, there are several guards at the swim area. The buddy system is used. In the event of a missing camper, the alarm sounds and the entire staff begins an orchestrated search of the swimming area and camp property. Any time this has ever happened, the missing camper was found within a few minutes, in the bathroom, a cabin, or another activity area. We actually practice this at least once a week.

Many of our outstanding staff are former campers, CITs or returnees from previous summers. In addition, staff participate in a week-long training at camp in early June and focus on topics such as safety, preventing homesickness, skill development and helping kids make friends. All staff are CPR and First Aid certified, and those working at the waterfront also have their lifeguard certifications.

Camp is an amazing place for kids to gain independence in a safe and healthy environment. Campers who are in constant communication with home are distracted and often consumed by what’s going on away from camp; this isolates the camper from those around him or her.

Parents can send letters, packages, one-way emails and faxes to campers. We request you don’t send food. Campers can write letters, but can’t make phone calls—remember no cell phones. Parents always have the option to call camp and speak with a director who will check on their child as soon as possible. We will help you determine if it’s appropriate for your child to call you and a return call can be scheduled.

Yes, you can visit and get a tour during one of our Summer Camp Preview Days. Also, you can visit just about anytime from early April to early June. Please contact us so we know you’re coming. We don’t have visitor days during camp. Visitor days are often stressful for the campers being visited and especially for the ones without any visitors.

Our Trading Post is often open to campers. Sweatshirts, t-shirts, snacks, camp pictures, and other items are available for purchase before, during, and after a stay here at Camp Pendalouan.

Mostly no. We have two centrally located bathhouses with shower stalls divided by curtains and/or walls. A few cabins have inside bathrooms and are usually used for younger campers.


Use the summer months to connect your child with the beauty of nature, encourage them to make friends, help them get to know themselves better, and enhance their experience with leadership and teambuilding skills.