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2021 Giving

Giving $20.21

192/1000 Donations received
Donation dollars $3,875.00 received
Goal is......Donations by March 2, 2021
Help us achieve this goal by donating .

Help us give hope, strength and healing to people diagnosed with cancer as we help them reclaim their health and find joy in living.

See for yourself..

Donation by:

Maryrose Turbessi
Julia Houle
Kaytie Ely
Tracey Piasecki
Fran Talsma
Betsy Thompson
Jen Waldo
Carrie Sage
Kelli DeLong
Trevor Smith
Sam Nedeau
Dana Wyant
Mary Price
Thomas Schaub
Judy Nauta

In Honor of:

Sam McInroy
Mary Wilson
Howard Meade
In honor of everyone recovering from or living with cancer
Jack & Julie Timmer
Mary Beth Nowak
Linda Ameranti
Brad DeLong
Melissa Wikman
Carolyn D. Nedeau

Shawn Gutowski

Audrey Krupicka
Annella Krupicka
Maryanne Krupicka

Katherine Franks

Eugene A. Franks
Herbert S. Franks
Gurkan Franks

Heidi Sytsema

In honor of the last folks we attended Black Tie with:
Kim Sims
Zaneta Adams
Heather & Bob Garretson
Amy Silvis, because that last picture of her in the email is awesome!

Christine Robere

Cherie Thompson
Lyle Robbins

Jeannette Hoyer

Jennifer Hoyer
Steve Hoyer
Jeff Mulder
Jeri Mulder
Brenda Summers

Adam Zuwerink

Randy Filbrandt
Scott Thielbar
Josh Silvis
Allison Dile
David Gerdes
Jason Piasecki
Andy Maciejewski
Laura Fitzpatrick
Heidi Sytsema

Mike Workman

Ella Workman
Clark Workman
Alice Workman
John Workman
Kathy Workman
Matt Workman
Laurie Workman
Avery Workman
Grayson Workman
Gordon Workman

Julie Marcus

Nina Ainslie
James Crockatt

Gary Neal

Gary H Neal
Sharron Neal
Leatrice McGuigan
James McGuigan

Stefan DeLong

Paul DeLong
Julie Marcus
Katie Hogan
Kim Taylor
Margaret Spoelman

Travis Thompson

Cathy Cantu
Julia Houle

Bruce Spoelman

Kris Collee
Jeanette Hoyer
Paul Spoelman
Roger Spoelman

Gregory Bodrie

George Collee
Shirley St.Amant

Kristen Wade

John W. Wade
Alexis Wade
John D. Wade
John F. and Marcella Wade
Donna Truran

Margaret Spoelman

Mary Mennel
Anne Kidd

James Fisher

Fran Fisher
Jackie Fisher
Stephanie Kloss
Greta Kloss
Elena Kloss
Julia Fisher
Sila Fisher-Scheepers

Rylee Gross

Grandma Barbie

Elle Bach

My Grandma
My Uncle
Many family friends!

Esther Dyson

Avanlee Okragly
The McBurney YMCA
Jamie Hekker
Tressa Crosby
Vondie Woodbury
Judy Kell
Jim Fisher
Marquis Childers
Dakota Crow
Kim Sims
Jeff Fortenbacher
Rachel Fawcett

Carla Eenigenburg

Pat Reynen
Sylvia Zevenbergen
Sue Shields
Paul Singer

Melissa Wikman

Bob Harvey
Sharon Mooney

Cathy Cantu

Julia Houle
Friends and Family who have fought this deadly disease

Katie Spoelman-VanAcker

Justin VanAcker
Beau VanAcker

Park Kersman

Kacey Kersman
Buzz Kersman
Wendy Kersman
Bruce Spoelman

Bruce Spoelman

Margaret Spoelman
Katie Spoelman VanAcker
Gretchen Spoelman DeLong
Carla Eenigenburg
Kelli DeLong
Gabe Gerlach
Andi Switzer
Madeline Lombardo
Rylee Gross
Cathy Cantu
Melissa Evans
Park Kersman
Bryan Lambert
Randy Lindquist
Don Martines
Sam Nedeau
Shaun Raleigh
Steve Rauschert
Kristen Wade
Melissa Wikman
Mike Workman
Adam Zuwerink