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Livestrong® with the YMCA

We help cancer survivors reclaim their lives by focusing on their health, not the disease.  Livestrong® with the YMCA classes meet twice each week for 12 weeks and use traditional exercise methods to help ease survivors back into fitness and help maintain a healthy weight.

The program offers people affected by cancer a safe, supportive environment to participate in physical and social activities focused on strengthening the whole person. Participants work with Y staff trained in supportive cancer care to achieve such goals as:

  • building muscle mass and strength
  • increasing flexibility
  • improving balance
  • fighting fatigue and building endurance
  • improving confidence and self-esteem
  • improving emotional wellbeing of survivors and their families
  • connecting with other survivors during treatment and beyond

Livestrong® with the YMCA staff have been specifically trained to work with cancer survivors and patients and follow American College of Sport Medicine and American Cancer Society exercise guidelines.

Our coaches are exercise experts who can understand survivors unique physical needs and concerns and help address them safely.  They’re also relationship builders with the empathy and ability to connect and develop relationships with and among cancer survivors and their families.

Taking Action, Changing Odds

Our Partners

Livestrong with the YMCA would not be possible without the support from our partners. Thank you to Tanglewood Park, Viking Athletic Complex, and Muskegon Family Care for hosting our groups!

Tanglewood Park
560 Seminole Rd
Muskegon, MI 49444
    Viking Athletic Complex
    541 E. Slocum St
    Whitehall, MI 49461
      Muskegon Family Care
      2201 S Getty St
      Muskegon, MI 49444


        How physically strenuous is the program?

        This program is tailored to each participant. Through intake, we will discover what a safe place for you to start is and how quickly you should progress. Your exercise prescription will be tailored to your needs.

        What if my doctor won’t release me?

        You need to have permission from your doctor to participate. We are available to discuss any more detailed questions about the nature of the program with your healthcare provider.

        What do I wear?

        You can wear whatever you feel comfortable in and allows ease of movement. Layers are suggested and you should wear a pair of supporting closed toed shoes.

        What if I can’t finish the program?

        We know life can throw curveballs but we do ask that you commit to coming to 85% of the classes throughout the 12-week session. This is to ensure we are giving you the best possible tools to continue after the program’s completion. Multiple absences tend to defer from reaching your fullest potential.

        Can I join a session late?

        Generally, it is not recommended that an individual join the group program after one week of the first session.

        What education do the instructors have?

        All instructors complete training specific to the LIVESTRONG program to include: Livestrongwiththe YMCA Instructor Certification, Foundations of Group Exercise, Foundations of Strength and Conditioning, Healthy Lifestyle Principles, Listen First, Working with Cancer, Lymphedema Training

        What is the cost to participate?

        We work hard to raise money so this program can be offered for FREE

        Is this a support group?

        No, it is not set up as a support group; however, you will receive support from each other by participating in the program.

        Is my information confidential?

        Yes. We follow HIPAA guidelines and your information will be kept private and confidential.

        How To Enroll

        If you have any questions or to enroll, call the YMCA at 231.722.9622 or use our contact form

        Support this Program

        To support Livestrong with the Muskegon Y and other programs that encourage Healthy Living, please consider making a donation.